Friday, September 17, 2010

Craft night out

I worked on this today. Would you sassy crafting ladies be interested? Leave a comment and if it's a go, we'll schedule a night. (I'm thinking Friday, Saturday or Sundays are best, but could do a Tuesday or Thursday).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Everywhere a sign

Many years ago, I painted my aunt a canvas sign for her classroom. This year she moved into an over 1,000 sq ft room as a reading interventionist instructor and shares the classroom. She asked me to paint a new sign. Well, things didn't go well and one mistake turned into three, then at the eleventh hour I started all over. I ran to the craft store and picked up these cheapo wooden signs and figured me and my trusty vinyl machine could whip something up. And wah-lah!, here's my happy mistake. She loved it and so did some other teachers so now I have a few orders - yay!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grandma got run over by a reindeer, er Kaela

I got the memo that high school was a decade plus some ago. I however, never got over my issues with one teacher. Not a teacher I ever had, but a club sponsor. Thank my lucky stars, I have not seen this person in 12 years. This summer, we were at the museum of natural science in Houston when I spotted her. The place was packed due to a rare flower that had bloomed and it was easy to hide in the sea of people. But, but! Today I saw her in the grocery store. I quickly turned down an aisle to escape her, then made a run for the checkout when the coast was clear. As I was exiting the store I imagined (for what reason on Earth????) backing my car into her! Gasp! Kaela! What a horrible, awful thought! Needless to say I was real careful backing up. How would I ever explain accidentally running over the one person I'd really want to?

Which brings me to this... I love our small town, I really do! I love running into old friends at random places and seeing old friends of mine, their kids and mine becoming friends. But lately, this town is starting to feel quite small.