Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Mrs. Debby is a co-worker.  Actually, I couldn't put us on the same plain.  I'm just lucky I get to work with her.

She's wise, kind and patient.  And she has freckles.  Lovely, lovely freckles.

Mrs.  Debby has been in this business for 25 years (her and her husband brought the franchise to town).  She knows a thing or two.  So when she speaks, I listen.  The most important thing I've learned from her is this:  You don't know what these kids home lives are like, so it's up to you to give them one really great hour.  It's up to you to be kind to them.  It may make their whole day.

I think this is true for people in general.  If I could be kind to everyone who crossed my path, cheered them up for the time we are together.  But honestly, it's a daily struggle.  Sometimes my mouth gets the better of me.  Like I said, I'm working on it.  She's so wise...


Today is all about my grandmother's.  I was lucky enough to have three.  They all taught me something completely different.  (I should explain their names, they are all called Maw Maw (husbands name).  Isn't that funny?  I wonder which kid named them that?)  I wish they were all here still, I miss them.

Maw Maw Les - This maw maw passed away when I was 16.  I wish I had better memories of her.  I know for a fact, I inherited my love of Dollar Tree honestly.  This lady would have logged more visits than I.  Her lesson - the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.

Maw Maw Allen - This maw maw was as tall as a statue.  Not really, but seemed like it.  Her nails were always perfectly manicured and she always smelled the same.  She was a total lady, all the time.  She had a fondness for short sleeved sweaters and pant sets.   I tried to be on my best behavior around her (it WAS a struggle).  Her and my paw paw could communicate with just a look.  It was amazing.

She showed all of us about having dignity.  Not vanity, but dignity.

It was her who crossed my mind when I was being prepped for Palmer's c-section.  Save a scant sheet, their wasn't much covering me.  Although, this was a necessity, I felt all modesty was thrown out the window.  But I remembered her, and though my cheeks were flapping in the wind, I could still keep my dignity.

Maw Maw Pop - She loved, loved, LOVED her family.  She took her wedding vows to the grave with her.  She loved and honored and served my Paw Paw with every breath she had.  On days when I just don't like Erik - I think of her.  She reminds me that we have taken an oath to love and abide and she fulfilled her duty of marriage well.  I hope I can too.


Isn't it funny to think I've now known you for half of my life!  That cracks me up.  Although, you probably didn't like me much when you first met me.  Years later, after I discovered your little white lie about Milano cookies - I didn't like you much either.  But like mold after Hurricane Rita, you grew on me.

Rachel - this post is about you!  I'm so glad we've become friends.

Rachel is by far one of the funniest people I know.  Her and her boyfriend together might edge out all the other competition.   Rachel is also, always stunning.  Always.  She's always dressed to the nines in some kind of ridiculous shoe, probably even to go fishing.  That's why we love her - she is some kind of fabulous.

Our friendship may have never happened.  I realize I may have missed out on something really great too!  You see, Rachel has this teeny, tiny, itty bitty problem  er, habit.  She's late.  All. The. Time.  And I'm anally(what a silly word)  early.  See?  Total personality conflict.  But after years of trying to trick her into the right time zone, I just gave up.  I got over it.  Just accepted her as is.  I realized, her punctuality was my problem, not hers.  If she's ok with it, then I should be too.   And after that, a beautiful friendship formed.  And then she moved away.

She's a beautiful person inside and out, and I'm glad I didn't miss my chance to be her friend.  She is some kind of fabulous!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This post is about my brother Michael.  Since we were closer in age, he wasn't nearly as much as a pain in the butt as my older brother.  Michael was my chauffeur for my early part of high school.   I totally cramped his style. One time I saw his face crumble in embarrassment the day someone stopped us a football game and asked me if he was my boyfriend.  I died a little too.  He soon got over all the years of injustice when he realized he was into my friends.  He all of sudden was very nice and wanted to hang out more.  It wasn't the same for me and his friends, though.  It's definitely not a two way street in that department.  I think all of his friends I was into were scared he'd whip their tails if they hurt me.  They have good reason.  Mike is fiercely loyal.  He works hard.  He plays harder.  And if he can get it right, he tells a pretty funny joke.  In fact, he told me this one that got me into a lot of bars cover-free one summer:

Stone face serious, you ask:

Did you hear about that baby boy?  Yea, he was born without any eyelids.  I know.... terrible, right?  It's ok.  When the doctors performed the circumcision they took the leftover skin and made him some eyelids.  He's doing ok now, just a little cock-eyed!

A little tastless, but an all time favorite!


Erin is everything I'm not.  How we are friends, I'll never know.  She's incredibly outgoing, she's never met a stranger.   We've been everywhere between here and Florida together, and she always knows someone somewhere.  She's also probably related to them.  She's really smart, too.  Is it the Dean's or President's list for all A's?  Whichever it was, they should have just etched her name in stone on it.  Oh, and she's very calm, not easy to incite.  (Jared may disagree).  At her baby shower, a fire caught outside, and she just kept calm and carried on unwrapping gifts.   That day was just a small example of her bucolic self.  I stopped by the hospital the day she went into labor.  Man, what a champ!  She winced a few times, maybe said "shit" once or twice and that was it.  After the delivery when we were let back into the room, she looked gorgeous - not one hair was out of place or bead of sweat to be seen.  She's such a strong, admirable woman.  I'm glad I finally convinced her she needed to be my friend.


Mr. Paul is Erik's Dad or, my other father, as he likes to call himself.  One of the very first times I met him, he just got back from the grocery store where he purchased a dozen  yellow roses and passed out ten to his favorite grocery store employees.  He saved the last two for Mrs. Brenda and I.   It didn't take long for me to realize that's just who he is.  That day he showed his love through flowers.  Most days, it's through food.    And he can really cook.  Really, the man can cook.  Also, he has a great sense of humor and on occasion let's me pick on him when he's done picking on me.  I love that he can dish it out and also take it - I really lucked out in the father in law department.  One day when we are out on his pontoon boat I'll be sure to tell him..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

6/30, 7/30, 8/30

This little project is turning out to be a little more difficult than I planned.  And I thought I planned it pretty well.  PJ getting sick didn't fit into my plans.  I now need to catch up, and these three have a common denominator, so here we go...

I feel in college and rather specifically the art department is where I really came into my own skin.  I met really encouraging instructors and mentors and discovered a passion I didn't know existed.  I truly enjoyed my time there and learning from them.

Up first, Marty. By far the most unloved professor in the department. To say he was unloved, well,  is to say he was disliked.  I liked Marty. In my eyes, he served  God first, he also served his country, he's a husband and father to two special needs boys.  He doesn't give a hoot what anyone thinks of him.  He's definitely marching to the beat of his own drum and makes no concessions or excuses about it.  I like that.

Barry Potter.  Barry and clay class were all time favorites of mine.  Unrequited love if you will.  I gave clay everything I had and it just didn't love me back.  I'm here to tell you that it's not as easy as the movie Ghost portrays it to be.   And you know I only took that class because I hoped to recreate that one very hot scene from the movie.  I can't think of one specific trait I like best about Barry - for time's sake he's an all time favorite person of mine and I'm glad I met him.    Oh, besides my momma, Barry was the first person to display my art in his home (so he said...)

Lynn, must have been some kind of zen master in another life.  The man has the patience of a Saint.  After his clear and explicit lecture on how to load and unload and develop film (yea, this was old school) I promptly developed a blank roll.  And another.  Third times a charm, right?   It also took me all semester before I actually processed (no pun intended) everything I learned and took a great photograph.  Besides being an example of patience personified - he taught me something about photography I'll always remember.  As a young, budding (not!) photography student,  I was traveling all over town looking for the most interesting frame to capture .  Lynn told me to stop going places and to look for the interesting stuff at home and in my own backyard.  Of course he was right.

Again, I really struggled getting these three out.   I'm not sure why, I really enjoyed college and thinking about those good ole days put a smile on my face.  I think I was just trying too hard.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Big brothers are a pain in the butt.  At least mine was.  Was.  He's grown on me a little.

Steven - today's your day!

Barring that one time you tried slicing me open with a butter knife when you were supposed to be babysitting me.  And also, to this day, I never want to be within a ten mile radius of you and a bowl of cereal - you've been an okay roomate for the first 18? 19? 20? years of life.  Who's counting?

Heck, who am I kidding.  You're loud. You're obnoxious.  You like to argue about EVERYthing.  You really are a pain in the butt.   Occasionally you say something really funny.  Sometimes you are nice.  Once in a while you are useful to have around.  You do have the most long, beautiful eyelashes for a bald guy!  I also know for a fact, if I needed help of any kind, you'd be by in a jiffy to help me.  

What's the saying?  You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family- yea, well I'm not real sure you would have made my short list - but I'm glad you did.  


I would like to be athletic, but I'm not.  After many years of "not making the team" in middle school I finally found my niche in high school.  Tennis. Not only was the sport a better fit, but so was the coach.   Everyone made the team.  Isn't that refreshing?  Coach Stephens - today's your day!

Now, I'm not an advocate for sport leagues that don't keep score - what's that teaching kids?  That life is fair?  But I do believe in giving everyone who works hard a shot.  Coach assigned us to a ladder and to move up the ladder  we had to challenge those players that were higher than us.  He also didn't let us get away with just being complacent either, it was mandatory to one challenge match per season.  This is a life lesson I'll always remember - not happy where you are?  Well, do something about it.  

I also had coach for a teacher too!  He was just as much a superb teacher as well.  

I loved playing tennis.  I loved finally being part of a team.  I loved my teammates.  I loved Coach.  I really loved everything about it and am so thankful  I had the chance to belong to the team. Thankful that I was never "cut".   By far, tennis was the best experience of high school for me.   

Friday, May 14, 2010


Miss Peltz - today is your day!

Miss Peltz was my third grade teacher.  She was young, beautiful. vivacious, energetic and a number of other wonderful adjectives.  She instilled in me a love of learning.  And the yearning to ALWAYS be the teacher's pet.  Is that surprising?  Other memorable lessons?  A bagpipe, waves, Kris Kringle,  not to tease friends, how not to get peed on by a lion and that she knew us.  She really knew us, our very complicated 8 year old selves.

I've had some amazing teachers.  Really, I've been blessed.  Miss Peltz takes the prize for number one, numero uno, head honcho, most favorite.  Third grade was so awesome.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


LaQuonda - Today is your day!

Funny thing is - although Shonda and I had the same concentration in college and I even took a class with and graduated with her husband, we never met.  Nope.  Shonda and her husband were Erik's friends.  Lucky for her, it was I who married Erik and not some hot, big boobed, comic book loving kinda gal (can you imagine hanging out with her??)

Shonda has many attributes I admire, but there's one characteristic that I value the most.  One that really stands out. One that I'm striving for.  It's not always easy and never convenient, but she makes the time for this. 

She answers the phone when I call.  Simple.  Easy peasy.  To me, this behavior says "Hey friend!  You are important and I'm making time for you now".  It's such a little thing, but it means a lot to me.  

Not that I'm counting - I don't have a tally mark system on my phone.  It just struck me one day after several weeks of missed calls that Shonda always answers.  I then thought about myself and how facilely I use voicemail.  It's something I want to better for myself.  I want to be a better  friend.  Shonda is an example of how to be a  friend. 

I'm lucky that our paths have crossed and we are able to walk this road this together.  No doubt my life would be filled with a snarky void if it weren't for her.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Dr. Scroggs - Today is your day.
First day in and I bet you are wondering how I arrived at you?  .  I sat down to plot each day out on my calendar and noticed that today I had a doctors appointment.  (No, I'm not with child - just a yearly check up.)  And I thought to my self, "Self?  Why not?  He is ONLY responsible for literally handing over a couple of my greatest blessings.

You've seen us through the best and the worse.  You laughed with us and not at us as one of us (see, I'm being evasive)  came close to fainting in your office.  I imagine the lady business is a delicate one.  Especially with all those hormones flying around - good grief!  You are kind and caring, top characteristics I choose in a doctor.  Do you know how I came to choose you as a doctor?  My nursing school friend was doing her rotations at the hospital and I asked her to ask the nurses who was the best doctor.  The consensus?  You.  That should speak volumes.  Eight years later after you walk out the hospital room the nurses still sing your praises.

I also imagine your days are long and you sacrifice time away from your family.  If you ever wonder if it's worth it, know that it is.  You are making a difference in women's lives every day.  You and your staff (who are wonderful people too!) are providing women with extraordinary care.  I'll forever be grateful for your wisdom and kindness you've shown Erik and I over the years and those two boys you supervised bringing into this world safely.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

30 people in 30 days

Life is short and we never have enough time for gladdening the hearts of those who travel the way with us.  Oh, be swift to love.  Make haste to be kind.  -Henri Frederic Amiel

Thirty days from tomorrow I'll be turning thirty! I love to celebrate but wanted to do something a little different this year.  I wanted to celebrate the people who have brought me along these last 29 years.

When I was a junior in high school a boy passed me a note in the hall.  Typed on the front it read something like  "In 30 days I'll be competing in the state track meet.  I'm dedicating every day I train to a person who has touched my life.  Today is your day, Thank you!".  On the back was a handwritten note that read something like, "Dear Kaela, everyday you smile at me in the hall.  Your smile brightens my day.  I'll be thinking of you today as I run.    Thank You." 

A smile.  I'm certain people remember the small things just as much as they remember the big things, I know I do.  Starting tomorrow until June 10, I'm thanking a person that has traveled the road with my and who has gladdened my heart along the way, dedicating one day to them!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Have you checked out Crafterhours.  It's crafty blog that I adore.  I also adore the name,  after all it's the brain child of two moms who guess what?  Craft after hours.  Brilliant!  So until we name our own little crafting posse, I'll just refer to our craft nights as Crafterhours.  Yes, I'm stealing once again.  Isn't that what the internet is for?

See, I even went to the trouble of making us a logo.  It was real hard.  For my effort, I'm putting this on a tshirt and wearing it to our next event.  What shall our next crafterhours event be?  Drumroll please.  Oh, nevermind, you probably already read your email! (for those of you that attended last)

Introducing my brand new birthday present:

And I thought I was getting a swagger wagon!  Good news, if Erik can fix the older one it may be up for sale!  I'll make you a great deal on it!

Yea, we'll cut vinyl for YOU!  Not really sure how this will work out (like always).  But the plan is, we'll choose a color at a time, design what we cut, cut it then move along to another color.  So, your assignment is to brainstorm what you can not live without vinyl wise.  Examples: mailbox info, personal tiles, kid's stuff - sippy cup initials, the sky's the limit.  No. No it's not.  Let's just say 12 x 12 in is the limit.  I'm thinking a Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday - email me your ideal day.  Ok, you have your assignment, now off you go...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dark Transfer Results

Ta Da!  Ok, so I've been seeing these on Etsy for like $18 bucks a pop!  I thought, "Hey, I could do that myself".  No really, I thought that. Just trying to be transparent, folks.   I used Avery Dark Transfer printable paper and it's so stinkin' awesome.  However, I have no idea how it will wash up.  Right now, before washing, it looks like a screen printed shirt.  Also, it's not tricky like the light colored transfer paper - you don't have to flip the image before printing.  That makes my memory smile, I can't tell you how many times I left that very important step out.  (Evangeline, if you're reading this - shut your eyes!)

Aren't these little animals ca-yute?  I have all sorts of combinations running through my head!  Want one?  Maybe make a craft night out of it?

So Excited

I can't wait to show what I made with this. I think it's safe to say, it will be my latest obsession. I've worked with inkjet iron-on paper before, but this stuff is uh-mazing!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

She said, He said

The other day, after eating lunch,  I mentioned that it was the best lunch ever.  Erik was quick to point out how often I exclaim something is the best ever.  He said I often exaggerate.  I agreed.  When I exited the truck, I picked up one his business cards and said, "Wow! This is the best business card, ever."  Then I thanked him for the best lunch ever and told him how happy I was about the best weather ever.

I didn't think much of our conversation until this weekend.  He said, "I can't wait until May 15, this new game comes out".  I reminded him about how I often say, " ever" and pointed out how he often is excited about the future.  I pondered this.  This is how we work.  I am in the here and now and enjoying every single minute of it.  Not worrying about the future and not spending too much time in the past.  Erik on the other hand, thinks - this is good now, but it will only get better.  He is always thinking about the future, not just in terms of games and technology debuts, but in general.

At dinner last night, I shared our story with our couple friends.  She sided with me, and he with Erik.  So, is this true for all couples?