Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today is all about my grandmother's.  I was lucky enough to have three.  They all taught me something completely different.  (I should explain their names, they are all called Maw Maw (husbands name).  Isn't that funny?  I wonder which kid named them that?)  I wish they were all here still, I miss them.

Maw Maw Les - This maw maw passed away when I was 16.  I wish I had better memories of her.  I know for a fact, I inherited my love of Dollar Tree honestly.  This lady would have logged more visits than I.  Her lesson - the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.

Maw Maw Allen - This maw maw was as tall as a statue.  Not really, but seemed like it.  Her nails were always perfectly manicured and she always smelled the same.  She was a total lady, all the time.  She had a fondness for short sleeved sweaters and pant sets.   I tried to be on my best behavior around her (it WAS a struggle).  Her and my paw paw could communicate with just a look.  It was amazing.

She showed all of us about having dignity.  Not vanity, but dignity.

It was her who crossed my mind when I was being prepped for Palmer's c-section.  Save a scant sheet, their wasn't much covering me.  Although, this was a necessity, I felt all modesty was thrown out the window.  But I remembered her, and though my cheeks were flapping in the wind, I could still keep my dignity.

Maw Maw Pop - She loved, loved, LOVED her family.  She took her wedding vows to the grave with her.  She loved and honored and served my Paw Paw with every breath she had.  On days when I just don't like Erik - I think of her.  She reminds me that we have taken an oath to love and abide and she fulfilled her duty of marriage well.  I hope I can too.

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