Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Dr. Scroggs - Today is your day.
First day in and I bet you are wondering how I arrived at you?  .  I sat down to plot each day out on my calendar and noticed that today I had a doctors appointment.  (No, I'm not with child - just a yearly check up.)  And I thought to my self, "Self?  Why not?  He is ONLY responsible for literally handing over a couple of my greatest blessings.

You've seen us through the best and the worse.  You laughed with us and not at us as one of us (see, I'm being evasive)  came close to fainting in your office.  I imagine the lady business is a delicate one.  Especially with all those hormones flying around - good grief!  You are kind and caring, top characteristics I choose in a doctor.  Do you know how I came to choose you as a doctor?  My nursing school friend was doing her rotations at the hospital and I asked her to ask the nurses who was the best doctor.  The consensus?  You.  That should speak volumes.  Eight years later after you walk out the hospital room the nurses still sing your praises.

I also imagine your days are long and you sacrifice time away from your family.  If you ever wonder if it's worth it, know that it is.  You are making a difference in women's lives every day.  You and your staff (who are wonderful people too!) are providing women with extraordinary care.  I'll forever be grateful for your wisdom and kindness you've shown Erik and I over the years and those two boys you supervised bringing into this world safely.

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