Monday, May 10, 2010


Have you checked out Crafterhours.  It's crafty blog that I adore.  I also adore the name,  after all it's the brain child of two moms who guess what?  Craft after hours.  Brilliant!  So until we name our own little crafting posse, I'll just refer to our craft nights as Crafterhours.  Yes, I'm stealing once again.  Isn't that what the internet is for?

See, I even went to the trouble of making us a logo.  It was real hard.  For my effort, I'm putting this on a tshirt and wearing it to our next event.  What shall our next crafterhours event be?  Drumroll please.  Oh, nevermind, you probably already read your email! (for those of you that attended last)

Introducing my brand new birthday present:

And I thought I was getting a swagger wagon!  Good news, if Erik can fix the older one it may be up for sale!  I'll make you a great deal on it!

Yea, we'll cut vinyl for YOU!  Not really sure how this will work out (like always).  But the plan is, we'll choose a color at a time, design what we cut, cut it then move along to another color.  So, your assignment is to brainstorm what you can not live without vinyl wise.  Examples: mailbox info, personal tiles, kid's stuff - sippy cup initials, the sky's the limit.  No. No it's not.  Let's just say 12 x 12 in is the limit.  I'm thinking a Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday - email me your ideal day.  Ok, you have your assignment, now off you go...

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  1. Ha, I love it! And I wouldn't say you're "stealing" it from us, as there is no way we were the first to use this phrase. Actually we called our blog crafterhours because we used to call our crafty dates "crafternoons", but "crafternoon" and "crafternoon delight" were already taken :)