Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Mrs. Debby is a co-worker.  Actually, I couldn't put us on the same plain.  I'm just lucky I get to work with her.

She's wise, kind and patient.  And she has freckles.  Lovely, lovely freckles.

Mrs.  Debby has been in this business for 25 years (her and her husband brought the franchise to town).  She knows a thing or two.  So when she speaks, I listen.  The most important thing I've learned from her is this:  You don't know what these kids home lives are like, so it's up to you to give them one really great hour.  It's up to you to be kind to them.  It may make their whole day.

I think this is true for people in general.  If I could be kind to everyone who crossed my path, cheered them up for the time we are together.  But honestly, it's a daily struggle.  Sometimes my mouth gets the better of me.  Like I said, I'm working on it.  She's so wise...

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