Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This post is about my brother Michael.  Since we were closer in age, he wasn't nearly as much as a pain in the butt as my older brother.  Michael was my chauffeur for my early part of high school.   I totally cramped his style. One time I saw his face crumble in embarrassment the day someone stopped us a football game and asked me if he was my boyfriend.  I died a little too.  He soon got over all the years of injustice when he realized he was into my friends.  He all of sudden was very nice and wanted to hang out more.  It wasn't the same for me and his friends, though.  It's definitely not a two way street in that department.  I think all of his friends I was into were scared he'd whip their tails if they hurt me.  They have good reason.  Mike is fiercely loyal.  He works hard.  He plays harder.  And if he can get it right, he tells a pretty funny joke.  In fact, he told me this one that got me into a lot of bars cover-free one summer:

Stone face serious, you ask:

Did you hear about that baby boy?  Yea, he was born without any eyelids.  I know.... terrible, right?  It's ok.  When the doctors performed the circumcision they took the leftover skin and made him some eyelids.  He's doing ok now, just a little cock-eyed!

A little tastless, but an all time favorite!

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