Sunday, May 16, 2010


I would like to be athletic, but I'm not.  After many years of "not making the team" in middle school I finally found my niche in high school.  Tennis. Not only was the sport a better fit, but so was the coach.   Everyone made the team.  Isn't that refreshing?  Coach Stephens - today's your day!

Now, I'm not an advocate for sport leagues that don't keep score - what's that teaching kids?  That life is fair?  But I do believe in giving everyone who works hard a shot.  Coach assigned us to a ladder and to move up the ladder  we had to challenge those players that were higher than us.  He also didn't let us get away with just being complacent either, it was mandatory to one challenge match per season.  This is a life lesson I'll always remember - not happy where you are?  Well, do something about it.  

I also had coach for a teacher too!  He was just as much a superb teacher as well.  

I loved playing tennis.  I loved finally being part of a team.  I loved my teammates.  I loved Coach.  I really loved everything about it and am so thankful  I had the chance to belong to the team. Thankful that I was never "cut".   By far, tennis was the best experience of high school for me.   

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