Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Erin is everything I'm not.  How we are friends, I'll never know.  She's incredibly outgoing, she's never met a stranger.   We've been everywhere between here and Florida together, and she always knows someone somewhere.  She's also probably related to them.  She's really smart, too.  Is it the Dean's or President's list for all A's?  Whichever it was, they should have just etched her name in stone on it.  Oh, and she's very calm, not easy to incite.  (Jared may disagree).  At her baby shower, a fire caught outside, and she just kept calm and carried on unwrapping gifts.   That day was just a small example of her bucolic self.  I stopped by the hospital the day she went into labor.  Man, what a champ!  She winced a few times, maybe said "shit" once or twice and that was it.  After the delivery when we were let back into the room, she looked gorgeous - not one hair was out of place or bead of sweat to be seen.  She's such a strong, admirable woman.  I'm glad I finally convinced her she needed to be my friend.

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