Wednesday, May 19, 2010

6/30, 7/30, 8/30

This little project is turning out to be a little more difficult than I planned.  And I thought I planned it pretty well.  PJ getting sick didn't fit into my plans.  I now need to catch up, and these three have a common denominator, so here we go...

I feel in college and rather specifically the art department is where I really came into my own skin.  I met really encouraging instructors and mentors and discovered a passion I didn't know existed.  I truly enjoyed my time there and learning from them.

Up first, Marty. By far the most unloved professor in the department. To say he was unloved, well,  is to say he was disliked.  I liked Marty. In my eyes, he served  God first, he also served his country, he's a husband and father to two special needs boys.  He doesn't give a hoot what anyone thinks of him.  He's definitely marching to the beat of his own drum and makes no concessions or excuses about it.  I like that.

Barry Potter.  Barry and clay class were all time favorites of mine.  Unrequited love if you will.  I gave clay everything I had and it just didn't love me back.  I'm here to tell you that it's not as easy as the movie Ghost portrays it to be.   And you know I only took that class because I hoped to recreate that one very hot scene from the movie.  I can't think of one specific trait I like best about Barry - for time's sake he's an all time favorite person of mine and I'm glad I met him.    Oh, besides my momma, Barry was the first person to display my art in his home (so he said...)

Lynn, must have been some kind of zen master in another life.  The man has the patience of a Saint.  After his clear and explicit lecture on how to load and unload and develop film (yea, this was old school) I promptly developed a blank roll.  And another.  Third times a charm, right?   It also took me all semester before I actually processed (no pun intended) everything I learned and took a great photograph.  Besides being an example of patience personified - he taught me something about photography I'll always remember.  As a young, budding (not!) photography student,  I was traveling all over town looking for the most interesting frame to capture .  Lynn told me to stop going places and to look for the interesting stuff at home and in my own backyard.  Of course he was right.

Again, I really struggled getting these three out.   I'm not sure why, I really enjoyed college and thinking about those good ole days put a smile on my face.  I think I was just trying too hard.

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