Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Posterized Print it is!

Ok, the craft project has been decided!  9 people voted and I only heard from 7 of you gals.  Probably just the random asian porn site that leaves me comments (does anyone else get these???).  So if you didn't recieve an email today with all the craft night details, email me or leave me a comment and I'll get it to you.  So,  I'm like, totally, like, looking forward to our craft night out!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The meal that keeps on giving

When I grow up, I want to be The Pioneer Woman.  I heart her so much.  And she loves chubby babies.  If I could just introduce her to mine, I know we could be friends. So when she posted this recipe - it cemented my affection for her.  Boy, oh boy!  It was delicious!  Head on over there now for her recipe, and better pictures, too!  The Pioneer Woman

I thought for sure, this Barbecue Chicken Pizza might be difficult.  But, it wasn't.  The dough recipe makes two crusts, so I made two pizzas Saturday night.  We ate all of it (we shared with another family of four - that sounds funny, I forget I am now part of my own family of four).  Sunday, there was still plenty of ingredients and it was so delicious - I made another two pizzas and had Erik's parents and my mom over for lunch.  There were still leftover ingredients (sadly, no more pizza) that I was still dreaming of on Monday, so I decided to try nachos for dinner that night.  They did not disappoint.  Best nachos of my life.  

Uncooked pizza goodness
up close and hot from the oven
Best Nachos EVER!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Craft Night Out

Erik has been gathering a posse together for "drawing" night.  It's exactly as you picture - a handful of guys and sometimes a lucky gal (not me!) hanging out, drinking coffee, snacking and of course, some drawing.  I figured he couldn't have all the fun!  I want a craft night!  So here we go - I've scoured the 'net looking for fun projects for our Girls Only craft night.  Pick one you'd like to do and vote for it.  Most vote wins (of course!)  And leave a note in the comments as to when we should schedule our fun night out - Tuesdays and Thursdays are out for me, but I'm open to any other days/nights.  Once we pick a project, I'll email you a date and time and project supply list (if needed).  Yay!  This is fun!  (P.S. - I already know the one I'm voting for!)

Wouldn't it be weird...

Wouldn't it be weird if I were a chef and didn't eat my own food?
About as weird as someone who's job is to reform healthcare, but has
different healthcare herself.

I'd like to see our representatives waiting in the same hospital
receiving the same care as myself or children.

What's good for the goose...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gives Me Hope

What rock have I been hiding under?  If you find me, let me know.  I was  a big fan of the Chicken Soup for whatever-I-was-at-the-time's Soul books.  This weekend I found this website and it has rendered me a weepy mess.  (Thank goodness for The Pioneer Woman - she came to my rescue with her CPK barbecue chicken pizza - pics coming soon!)

If you are not in a mood to say "aww"  or weep, then don't you dare visit:

These are two examples, they did me in:
A couple days ago, my 11-year-old brother's best friend (who has Muscular Dystrophy) broke his leg and went very quickly into surgery. 

Today, he won the school Geography Bee. From the hospital, via Skype. 


Today on the local news there was a story of a nine year old girl, raising money to get a six year old girl (who went blind from a brain tumor) a seeing-eye-dog. 

They've never even met before, and the real kicker? The nine year old has cancer. 

She GMH.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Ta -da! I did a zipper. This tutorial fromanigloo I
followed was very simple, er, well until I got to the last part. It's
far from being good or good looking, but I'm still proud. I will
definitely try again!
I'm outside right now, enjoying the day and the clover.  Mobile blogging is awesome!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

spring feve-ah!

I've got spring feve-ah real bad!  I went looking shopping the other day and came home with the above skirt (mine's gray), cardigan and cami.  If you should see me in the next several weeks, it will probably be what I'm wearing. I tend to wear outfits out (as in over and over again).  I really wanted to add the yellow striped bag to the collage, but polyvore wouldn't let me.  I don't own that tote, but I'd like too! (hint, hint)  I found a giftcard from SEARS that had some moolah still on it, so I went looking at and found this sister website canvas.  Yes! Yes! and Yes!  I'd like one of everything, please!  What are you wearing/wanting this spring?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This baby shower was HOT!

This past Sunday friends and family gathered to celebrate the impending birth of my dear friends baby.  What a gorgeous day it turned out to be.  The food was great and the company even better!  Turned out to be a really hot celebration...

Unbeknownst to us inside the house, the mulch outside (wth?) caught on fire.   This last picture is my feeble attempt at fireman stalking.  I've never seen people act so, so... what's the word?  Non-chalant about a fire.  The mama to be kept on opening presents through the whole ordeal.  Nothing like keeping calm and carrying on... she should do fine as  a mother! 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Her Big Fat Stolen Greek Cookbook

Erik and I frequent the most delicious Meditarrean grill (it's cheap too).  There are very few tables in this establishment, and the one we chose last week was the only one available.  It was very close to a group of ladies.  As soon as we sat, I knew these ladies could be from Steel Magnolias.  Their accents were very thick and very southern.  Besides overhearing, "... and I'll never be a Deacon's wife ever again!".  We also overheard this little gem, it tickles me so....

Close your eyes, and imagine the Geico pothole saying this:

"I have a really nice Greek cookbook that I stole from a ministers wife.  She wasn't very nice, so I don't feel bad."

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bead Necklace

This project was one the first online crafts I ever fell in love with.  When I saw a similar necklace I knew I had to make one for the little girls in my life. In my head I could imagine a little girl wearing this with everything and really loving it.   It's really simple too!  Plain wood beads (I used 2 sizes), ribbon, paint, clear varnish and piper cleaners. I used pipe cleaners, because they were flexible and would hold the bead without falling off.   I line up three to four beads on a piper cleaner and go to town painting.  When they are dry, varnish.  Then string onto a ribbon!   

Friday, March 12, 2010

Queen of my Kingdom, er, DOMAIN

My always thinking of a  husband bought me my own domain several years ago.  Like many gifts he gives, I never asked for or wanted.  But, like most of his gifts, I finally come to see the value in such a gift and really appreciate them (and him).  I've himmed and hawwed over what I could do with my own domain - I could sell this, sell that or sell those, I could never narrow it down. That and my obsessions are fleeting, kinda like my natural hair color.  So it sits.  Out by it's lonely self, lost in the world that is the wide web.  I love family blogging and feel guilty when I hijack to show off my stuff.  So...  I will take my self absorbedness to another level, my own personal blog.  So what will this new blog include?  You (Hi Mom!) and you (Hi Erik!) and maybe you and you (Hi Sarah's and Maria!) might find content to include but not limited to: design, crafts, funny personal stories and otherwise junk that could possibly negate the happy family blog. Thanks for stopping by, keep an eye out for more posts!