Friday, March 12, 2010

Queen of my Kingdom, er, DOMAIN

My always thinking of a  husband bought me my own domain several years ago.  Like many gifts he gives, I never asked for or wanted.  But, like most of his gifts, I finally come to see the value in such a gift and really appreciate them (and him).  I've himmed and hawwed over what I could do with my own domain - I could sell this, sell that or sell those, I could never narrow it down. That and my obsessions are fleeting, kinda like my natural hair color.  So it sits.  Out by it's lonely self, lost in the world that is the wide web.  I love family blogging and feel guilty when I hijack to show off my stuff.  So...  I will take my self absorbedness to another level, my own personal blog.  So what will this new blog include?  You (Hi Mom!) and you (Hi Erik!) and maybe you and you (Hi Sarah's and Maria!) might find content to include but not limited to: design, crafts, funny personal stories and otherwise junk that could possibly negate the happy family blog. Thanks for stopping by, keep an eye out for more posts!

1 comment:

  1. Cool I am your first comment person: this is so neat! Steven bought years ago but then let it expire. Anything with
    "Green" in it is all taken years ago. oh, well.
    GO Erik with your awesome gifts :-)