Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gives Me Hope

What rock have I been hiding under?  If you find me, let me know.  I was  a big fan of the Chicken Soup for whatever-I-was-at-the-time's Soul books.  This weekend I found this website and it has rendered me a weepy mess.  (Thank goodness for The Pioneer Woman - she came to my rescue with her CPK barbecue chicken pizza - pics coming soon!)

If you are not in a mood to say "aww"  or weep, then don't you dare visit:

These are two examples, they did me in:
A couple days ago, my 11-year-old brother's best friend (who has Muscular Dystrophy) broke his leg and went very quickly into surgery. 

Today, he won the school Geography Bee. From the hospital, via Skype. 


Today on the local news there was a story of a nine year old girl, raising money to get a six year old girl (who went blind from a brain tumor) a seeing-eye-dog. 

They've never even met before, and the real kicker? The nine year old has cancer. 

She GMH.

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