Saturday, March 27, 2010

The meal that keeps on giving

When I grow up, I want to be The Pioneer Woman.  I heart her so much.  And she loves chubby babies.  If I could just introduce her to mine, I know we could be friends. So when she posted this recipe - it cemented my affection for her.  Boy, oh boy!  It was delicious!  Head on over there now for her recipe, and better pictures, too!  The Pioneer Woman

I thought for sure, this Barbecue Chicken Pizza might be difficult.  But, it wasn't.  The dough recipe makes two crusts, so I made two pizzas Saturday night.  We ate all of it (we shared with another family of four - that sounds funny, I forget I am now part of my own family of four).  Sunday, there was still plenty of ingredients and it was so delicious - I made another two pizzas and had Erik's parents and my mom over for lunch.  There were still leftover ingredients (sadly, no more pizza) that I was still dreaming of on Monday, so I decided to try nachos for dinner that night.  They did not disappoint.  Best nachos of my life.  

Uncooked pizza goodness
up close and hot from the oven
Best Nachos EVER!

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  1. yummy - BBQ Pizza is Seth's favorite - I will have to try it!