Thursday, August 26, 2010


Better late than never, right?

Resuming right where I left...

Gram today is about you! You've always had quite the personality, but these days you have more personality than can possibly be contained in your little body. You ooze personality. This is what happened this morning:

You wanted me to tickle your armpits (silly boy!). But you kept closing your arms so I couldn't get to them. I asked if you wanted to play Simon Says. So we played. "Simon Says touch your nose". "Simon says touch your eyes". "Simon says reach for the sky". And when you reached for the sky I went in for the tickle. You loved this. I totally tricked you, too! It was so fun, you asked to play again, and I repeated the game all over again. Then you asked if you could do it. I said sure. So you get your game face on and say "God is great" in the same inflection that one says "Simon Says..." , you knew you got that first part wrong, and you couldn't think of an instruction to follow so you burst out laughing! Which made me burst out laughing and saying, "Yes, God is good!"

You are loving (I can't get enough of your goodbye routine: little kiss, big kiss, high five, big hug, little kiss, double high five... ad nauseam until you are ready to part ways). You are silly.  You are clever. Let's just say you are a lot of great things.   My cup runneth over because your are my boy.

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  1. "...cup runneth over." You're too much. He's too much. I love all his little Gram Cracks. So funny. Hmmm. I'd love to know where he gets his sense of humor.