Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bad case of the I wants

Ever get the "I wants"? I'm suffering with a high fever today. Guess I'll window shop...

I'm not one to rave over 'outfits' but I love this one , and I could get much use from the pieces seperately too:

Unfortunately, I suffered from the "I wants" last week too! After reading rave reviews I needed to have these pants. I also wanted the abs. Sadly, they were not included in the shipment. They are super great pants as all the reviews state. I just can't justify the price...yet.

I've also been needing these: somehow they have escaped my mouse clicking. Aren't they sooo cute???

Find crocs here

I can't mention wanting things for fall and not include this. Ooooh, the things we could do together!!

(at first I typed Donot pan, it should be a do not...ha!)

Besides cooler temps, what are you dreaming about as fall approaches?


  1. Love the crocs! I have been dreaming of shoes lately too, b/c clothes are no longer an option due to my expanding belly...also dreaming of chocolate, cheesecake and lemon pie! Make it stop!

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