Friday, November 26, 2010

Shoe cabinets?

I was reading a new favorite blog, Pencil Shavings,  and swooned when I saw this post.  I knew I had the perfect cabinets to do such a thing.  Now if I could get a shoe collection worthy of display.

These are the two cabinets I have.  The first one, we used as a pantry in our very first house.  Now it holds craft supplies.  The red cabinet was used as a wardrobe when Palmer was a newborn and shared a room with us.  It had some beautiful, groovy glass in it - but we took it out and replaced it with fabric.  I'm sure it wouldn't be too costly to put more glass in.  I love both of these cabinets very much, but,  at the moment we just don't have room for them.  I also found a cabinet/table combo I like more at 505.  So should I sell these two and purchase the one I really like?  Would I regret it?


  1. I am very thrifty and have stuck with many furniture pieces that I don't care for - just because they were free or cheap. After several years, I find myself getting frustrated with my surrounding b/c there no me (or me - anymore.) I am trying to get better about living out the philosophy - surround yourself with things you love....and they will invariable work together.

    I love Palmer's cabinet - VERY creative.

  2. your blog is amazing. new follower!

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