Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lean Cuisine Eating Machine

As of lately, I've been running to the store/grocery store during my lunchtime.  Apple juice here.  Dog food there.  Easter candy for eggs that are due yesterday.  (ok, last week)  You know me, I couldn't possibly ever remember to get everything on my list.  Nah, too easy.  Since I'm there, I go ahead and pick up a frozen dinner to eat for lunch.  Yum!  Not!  I am NEVER impressed with any of them.  But!  Today I was.  Today I tried a new Lean Cuisine.  Garlic chicken spring rolls.  These were tasty morsels of deliciousness.  The spring rolls come with a crisp wrapper that they are microwaved in.  That magic wrapper delivers crispy, crunchy, freshly-fried-tasting spring rolls straight from your microwave!  Magic!  Today I indulged in Garlic Chicken but it won't be long before I try the other flavors: Fajita-style Chicken and Thai-style chicken.

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