Friday, January 21, 2011


So this poor project has turned out to be a little bit more than what I planned for. My new goal is to finish this before my 31st birthday.

Sadly, If I would have written about this person earlier, it would have been antemortem and not post mortem.
My Paw Paw suffered a severe stroke last Saturday and passed away later that evening, surrounded by family.

Erik and I decided to name our first born after him. Gram surprised us all by being born on Paw Paw's birthday too. We call them Birthday Buddies, but I hope they are more like kindred spirits.

My grandfather was a stickler for savings. If he gave us money for good grades or for working for him, he'd advise us to save it. Other times, he would deposit it directly in savings. And speaking of working - that man worked. Hard. My brother said he could run circles around him and my other brother when they would go work for him.

I'll remember most, his favorite snacks, sense of humor, the way he pronounced Erik's name (Ear-ick), and his generosity. He was a good, good man and I was lucky to call him Paw Paw.

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  1. Aw...Kaela. How beautiful. I'm so sorry to hear about his passing. Prayers for your family.