Friday, January 21, 2011

Bee Mine and little something extra (A Giveaway!)

Maria, you said you wanted to see what I made for that party...

Erik and I were beyond thrilled to get invited (again!) to the most fun, fantastic Christmas party to ever be had.  This year, the hostesses threw in a catch.  We were going to play Chinese Steal but this time it had to be a handmade gift!  Yay!  Erik went to town, he painted the most gorgeous mockingbird and put it in a frame.  I hemmed and hawwed and couldn't decide which direction to go.  I could do this or that or this.  So in the eleventh hour (of course) I made a necklace, but felt bad for if a gentelman were to receive it, so I went and dug around my college portfolio and framed this bee.  In the eleventh half hour, the party was cancelled.  Boo!  The party was rescheduled later.  Yay!  But Erik forgot all about it.  Boo! (last week WAS crazy and I'm still upset we missed it).  But you can have it - if you want it.  And!  And, I'll even mail it to you!  Yay for giveaways!  Just leave me a comment and tell me which color necklace you'd like.  The picture shows green and gray, and since Valentine's is nearing I'll even offer to make a red one if your heart desires!  If more than one person comments, I'll draw a random name.  BTW, the green necklace is more fluffier and a tad bit longer than the gray.  (I guess I should add a deadline - how about Tuesday, January 25th, noon)


  1. I LOVE the gray necklace. How awesome this would look with a warm winter sweater. It's like a dainty ruffled scarf! Plus, you don't have to mail it to me if I win! ;0)

    P. S. The handmade Christmas party theme sounds like a BLAST!!

  2. Kaela,

    You are a creative genius! Our own local Martha Stewart!! Thank YOU so much for delivering the wonderful print and necklace. I came home to an awesome surprise.

    Best Regards,