Saturday, June 5, 2010


Palmer.  My beautiful baby boy.  You are the youngest on my list.  How have you touched my life?  How haven't you touched my life.  Like I've said before, you are like a bulldozer - you just bulldozed your way into our family and into my heart, and just made a comfy little spot for yourself.

You've stretched my heart from here to kingdom come.  You've showed me that there's no limit on how much one is capable of  love. That my heart isn't a tupperware container, constructed to hold 8 oz. of love.  But an infinite ocean, ready and willing to swallow up everything.  A mother can love all of her kids, not one more than the other, but differently.  I didn't know it was possible until you.

Your are stubborn, silly and sweet.   A lover, not a fighter.  When you smile, your eyes smile.  You brighten my days and have grown my heart.   I love you, brother.

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