Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm in love and I don't care who knows!

I love the internet.  I love all the crafty goodness I find on the internet.  I read this tutorial and knew I must have this tool - the xyron sticker makin' machine.  I'm not sure that's the official term.  This is what it looks like, mine is purple.   You can run ribbon, paper and fabric through this doo-dad and then ta-da!  You just made a sticker.  I haven't put mine down in 24 hours.  Ok, maybe once or twice to change a diaper or fix a sippy cup, but no more than twice!  

These are my own examples of what I've been making with my sticker maker!  Luckily, we have Father' Day and a birthday party this weekend!  Yay for fabric tape!

Erik just finished the most completely ridiculously precious series of prints.  Go here for now, until he puts them in his shop.  These are going to look great framed in our boys' rooms.  I'm voting myself in charge of packaging of his prints and I will totally use my ribbon/fabric stickers on the packaging.  Of course, I'll have to guy-ify!

Again, go visit Natalie's tutorial and look at her great photos!

Oh, and what's in one of those boxes?  Maybe this? 

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  1. LOVE the stickers. And Reese's shirt..precious. Did you use the dark transfers for the name, that must have take you forever to cut out! Thanks for sharing.