Friday, June 11, 2010

Goals Shmoals

Oh no!  I had planned 30 people in 30 days to be completed in, uh 30 days.  So much for that plan!  My birthday has come and gone and I'm only at 19!  Maybe I'll just make it 30 people in 1 summer.  Or 30 people in 30 years.  Either way, I will eventually finish this up.  My problem is, I want to say the nicest most flattering things about a person and I want to get it just right, but the problem is - me.  It's me who's writing.  So I pretty much just fumble around, getting lost on tangents then just wrapping it up.  What I thought was going to be a quick little spiel, has turned into something I write, erase, re-write and takes eons.   No bueno. I would just write a list naming  the next 11 people, but that doesn't seem fair either.  One of them might be reading and get their feelings hurt.  And google analytics tells me someone is reading this, so you better delurk soon and leave a comment!

On to my actual birthday.  I received several birthday presents.  One being a stomach virus. Yay!  I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let's start the day in the a.m.  I walked into work and was surprised with my office decorated with birthday streamers.  Then my boss came in with a big ol honking cake.  Then my mom came in with a dozen of cupcakes.  Then flowers were delivered from my other mom and dad. 30 was perfect so far!  After class that morning, we had cake and I unwrapped my present.  It was a beautiful crystal vase.  I joked that I won't see it for another 20 years as I'm afraid it may get broken by two busy boys.  They joked that it was a grown up gift and I should write the date on the box for when I unearth it in 20 years, because I won't remember at 50!  At 11 I began to feel a little nauseated, but chalked it up to too much sugar in my coffee, no dinner the night before and the immediate consumption of a cupcake - sugar overload!   So I packed up my goodies and headed home.

Erik and I were headed to Houston for the night and nausea wasn't gonna stop me.  Our good friends Rachel and Matt met us for a lovely dinner.  Lovely until I sprinted away from the table and yakked in the bathroom.  Sad.  Disgusting.  I thought I was dying.  Or that I was in labor.  I really thought I was in labor, well minus that I'm not pregnant.  I felt so bad I was almost on the verge of suggesting Erik drive me to the nearest hospital.  I had to leave the premise.  Erik got his food to go.  

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling much better.  Not great.  But better.  After lunch today I finally felt relief.  I guess you know you have arrived at old age when you are yakking on your birthday and you haven't had one celebratory alcoholic beverage.  Sad.  

So I had a  whole post running live in my head about how I'm not sad to be 30 but excited. blah blah blah.  I had a few points I wanted to touch on about not being where I expected to be at 30, but very happy nonetheless.  yada yada yada.  But obviously, my stomach contents or lack thereof prove to be way more important.  Maybe one day I''ll honestly blog about that stuff, we'll see.

I wish I had a really cute photo of Erik and I out at dinner, to go with this post - but we never got that far :(.  

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  1. Hate that you were sick for your bday. What a rotten way to usher in a new decade. The re-worked goal, however, is a much better representation of your 30's. Meeting your goals is possible - but changing your expectations in just about everything is almost certain. I wish I could say, "Welcome to your 30's" but I've been slammed with the reality that we'll never be in the same decade at the same time. Oh well...I'm just happy to be alive. :) Keep on celebrating!