Saturday, June 5, 2010


In laws can be so very tricky.  Automatic adopted parents.  Poof!  With the words 'I do', I got a husband AND another set of parents.  Fabulous prize package.  Who thought of that one?  The thing with in-laws is, I wasn't raised in their house and don't know their rules and how their life works, but all of sudden, its my life mixed in with theirs.  It could be hard to find one's footing with the in-laws.

Erik and I were brought up quite the same.  Both of our parents are still married to one another, we were raised Catholic.  And that's about where the similarities end.  It's safe to say, our parents are quite different from one another.

Where's this post going and exactly who is it about?  Ms. Brenda -  Erik's mom and more commonly referred to Nana 'round these parts.

At best, you wish and pray your in laws love your babies, their grandbabies.  Oh and she does!  She'd do anything for them!  I am beyond thrilled for my children to live within minutes of each set of grandparents. They are the luckiest little children to be loved by grandparents so much and we as parents are beyond blessed to have such easy access to willing and loving babysitters.  

Besides being the greatest Nana ever, she's a talented seamstress, an Eucharistic Minister at church and directly handles all of our insurance needs!  I am  so very grateful for our Nana!

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